Land Use Entitlements

Navigating complex and subjective approvals is a fundamental step in advancing a project and securing long-term value for your property. Taking proactive role in the entitlement process can maximize future rights and flexibility, reduce your approval and litigation risk, and minimize upfront development costs - resulting in faster approvals, less risk of denial, higher development densities, larger developable areas, longer vesting of development rights, and lower construction costs. Improve your bottom line by finding a partner who specializes in developing successful entitlement strategies.

Our Land Use services provide the most valuable yet intangible service available - CERTAINTY. Certainty of outcome is the Modulus model and the quintessence of our strategy. We leave no detail to chance or decision to whim.

Our Services include a wide range of land use services including:

  • Zone Changes
  • Site Plan Approvals
  • Annexation
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Liquor Retail Approvals
  • Fuel Use Approvals
  • Land Use Variances
  • Major Amendments to Development Plans
  • Infrastructure Negotiation
  • Neighborhood Representation
  • Public Policy Analysis | Industry Representation
  • Public Hearing Representation
  • Development Review Board Hearings
  • City Council Representation
  • Policy Appeals
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Permitting and Analysis
  • Building Permit Assistance
  • Permit Expediting Services
  • Public Infrastructure Support