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Modulus Architects and Land Use Planning is a full service design & planning firm. For us, architectural design is about balancing the art and science of architecture. Matching creativity with practicality for an optimal outcome: Smart Design. It’s what you get when you combine expertise with experience, insight, and inspiration. On the Land Use side of our services, we provide the most valuable yet intangible service available – CERTAINTY

What We Do

We offer an unparalleled breadth of services that bring viable solutions to even the most elusive design challenges. Our process springs from a culture that fosters collaboration. It is the essence of our story, and we are honored to share our story with you.

Distinguished by our unrivaled expertise in retail design and distinctive client focus we create world-class and fully-integrated projects, places and buildings to unlock lasting value and deliver a ‘return on design’.

Our Work


Our Approach

Always innovating, Modulus creates some of the most compelling destinations in the Southwest. Choreographing the experience is a critical step in the Modulus process and is based on numerous interactive work sessions with the development team on issues such as leasing, landlord deliverables, tenant requirements, regulatory compliance, budget, schedule and overall theme.  Across a range of platforms — we deliver a seamless, connected experience through planning, design and construction.

Our focused expertise in commercial design and client collaboration generate projects that are driven by our number one goal of translating client goals into strategic decisions. The essence of Modulus Architects can be stated in one word. Collaboration.

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